Best Gifts for Bartenders: 24 Top Buys Guaranteed to Put a Smile On The Face Of Your Bar Buddy

Best Gifts for Bartenders: 24 Top Buys Guaranteed to Put a Smile On The Face Of Your Bar Buddy

Bar staff are great. Their job is to help you have a good time, whether it’s serving up your favorite cocktail or simply chatting to you after a long day.

If you have one on your gift list, then you’ll want to find the best gift for bartenders that reflects your appreciation for them. 

Yet, buying a great gift for the bartender in your life is tough.  After all, how do you know:

  • How to find them a thoughtful gift that fits into your budget
  • Which gift ideas they’re going to like?
  • Whether the gift you do buy is going to be high quality?

On top of this, 32% of people receive at least one unwanted gift annually: how do you avoid becoming one of the unlucky givers?

                                                         Source: Gitnux

The good news is that, while bartenders probably already have plenty of bar tools, there are tons of alternative gift possibilities out there that are bound to put a smile on their faces.

Not convinced? Read on to discover 24 of the best gifts for bartenders around right now. 

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Raising the bar: 24 of the best gifts for bartenders around right now

The internet is full of gift guides but not many are geared toward buying the best bartender gifts.

This is where this list comes in. You might be looking for the best bartender gifts for a woman, a barware bargain, or to splurge on one of the latest bar cart gadgets – either way, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of the best gifts for a bartender. 

1. The Smallest Cocktail Shaker Ever!

$60 at Broken Bartender

They say that good things come in small packages, and The Smallest Cocktail Shaker Ever is proof of this. 

The mixologist in your life will love showing off this pocket-sized pendant, which comes with a three-piece design that they can unscrew to mix their tiny cocktail inside.

Crafted from precision-cut stainless steel, this pendant is built to last even the wildest night of work.

Cheers to the Smallest Cocktail Shaker Ever!

2. Scotch Ness Critter

$30 at Broken Bartender

Meet the ultimate drinking companion, the Scotch Ness Critter Whisky Stone!

This charming stone adds a touch of the unusual to your friend’s rocks glass and also ensures the whiskey they serve retains its original flavor thanks to its food-grade stainless steel and silicone components. 

But note: this whisky stone is not limited to scotch; it complements a variety of spirit-forward drinks and brings style and functionality to its customers’ drinking experience. 

The Scotch Ness Critter isn't just about raising spirits; it's raising eyebrows with its mythical charm - much like the Loch Ness Monster itself.

3. Barback Forever T-Shirt 

$30 at Broken Bartender

You may not be looking for the best gifts for bartenders, but those who are working their way toward it. 

If so, this is the perfect t-shirt for those who haven’t quite earned professional bartender status just yet.

“Barback Forever” is for those who are determined to have a good time and stick two fingers up to the hierarchy while they do it!

This off-black/dark charcoal tee boasts an oversized, wide-cut silhouette with dropped shoulders, creating an elegant yet edgy look. 

Crafted from 75% cotton and 25% polyester, it also makes those those long shifts a little more comfortable!

4. Negroni Trucker Hat

$30 at Broken Bartender

This "Bitter AF Negroni” hat by Broken Bartender is more than just a cool design: it features woven embroideries, vibrant colors, and tailored stitching. 

The one-size-fits-all design with a snap backstrap ensures a perfect fit, while the brim measures 2 1/2", and the polyblend sweatband adds extra comfort. 

Bitter, bold, and beautiful, this headwear is the perfect accompaniment to their cocktail kit

Be Bitter AF in style!

5. 2-Piece Boston Cocktail Shaker

$22.99 at Amazon

What to buy someone who loves making cocktails?

Get them shaking with this A Bar Above Professional Boston Shakers Set, which comes with all the bartending tools they need for the perfect cocktails.

Each shaker gift set features the following:

  • An 18oz unweighted shaker cup
  • A 28oz weighted shaker cup (both cups made from premium stainless steel 304)
  • A Margarita recipe card.

Ideal for high-volume serving at work, as well as at-home bars, it provides versatility for making various DIY cocktails. 

Fast, stylish, and built to last, this set is a must for any bartender's toolkit. Cheers to efficient and stylish mixology!

6. 1 More Shot T-Shirt

$30 at Broken Bartender

We all know things tend to get fuzzy after a few shots, and this tee sums it up perfectly!

Designed by Broken Bartender, it’s designed for maximum comfort but also comes with a graphic that will make drinkers smile. This is surely one of the best gifts for bartenders who love to tell a joke.

Three cheers for funny tees!

7. What to Drink Spinner Pin

$14 at Broken Bartender

There’s always the odd customer who takes ages deciding what to drink - but now help is at hand!

Introducing the "What To Drink” spinner pin by Broken Bartender, a fun solution for indecisive moments at the bar. 

This 35mm gold-plated enamel pin features a spinner design, letting chance decide your drink—will it be salty, bitter, sweet, sour, spicy, or umami?

Crafted with vibrant colors and durable materials, Broken Bartender's pins are seriously dope.

Order now and let the spinner add an element of surprise to their drink choices.

8. Dopamine Martini T-Shirt

$30 at Broken Bartender

With a cool design and elegant fit, the Dopamine Martini t-shirt by Broken Bartender is the spirit-infused attire your buddy’s looking for. 

Crafted with a cotton-polyester blend, it's perfect to wear during a long shift and is a guaranteed conversation starter with customers curious to know what it’s all about. 

“Choose wisely” and get your buddy this tee to add to their bartending threads.

9. I Know The Owner Too Pin

$12 at Broken Bartender

We’re sure your bartender friend has had the pleasure of dealing with a smart-ass customer who “knows the owner” and wants special service. 

Well, now they can answer them back in style with the "I Know The Owner Too” pin by Broken Bartender. 

This 35mm gold-plated enamel pin features striking lettering, subtly letting customers know who's in charge. 

Now they can wear it on their tee it to exude confidence during every shift. Cheers to knowing the owner!

10. Negroni Pin

$12 at Broken Bartender

Introducing the Negroni Pin – a petite masterpiece that wears its cocktail bitter charm with pride! 

Made out of silver-plated enamel pin and standing at a dashing 24mm (0.94") tall, this pin is more than just a fashion statement, it's a homage to the Campari favorite that's now ready to accompany you anywhere.

Each hand-designed pin comes with an exclusive Negroni recipe gift card – useful for when your mixologist friend needs to craft cocktails on the go. 

Share the Negroni love, and let the world know that good taste isn't just for cocktails – it's for accessories too! 

11. I Didn’t Like You Either T-Shirt

$30 at Broken Bartender

You know more than anyone how bartenders are known for their sardonic wit - and this tee captures it beautiful "I Didn't Like You At First Either” slogan. 

With a cotton-polyester blend, this tee blends comfort with sass, and it’s designed for long-lasting wear, too. 

Give your friend the chance to let the world know they’re up for bartender banter - and proud of it!

12. Read The F*cking Menu Pin

$12 at Broken Bartender

Let them make a bold statement behind the bar with the "Read The F*cking Menu” pin by Broken Bartender!

Measuring 40mm tall, this silver nickel-plated enamel pin serves as a cheeky reminder to customers. Securing with two posts on the back, it also withstands the rigors of bartending. 

Broken Bartender's pins are a durable and fun accessory for bartenders on the go, thanks to their unique artwork. 

Order now and let the pin do the talking!

13. Fernet Tasting Co. T-Shirt

$30 at Broken Bartender

What’s green, black, and cool?

Answer: The “Fernet Tasting Co.” tee! With a bright design showcasing the no-nonsense Fernet reptile and its green bottle, it’s a sure-fire talking point for bartenders and their clientele. 

Let your buddy embrace the bartender lifestyle, wear it on shift, and let everyone know: they're part of the Fernet Tasting Co. family!

14. Bartender Forever T-Shirt

$30 at Broken Bartender

Got a bar buddy committed to the cause? 

This  “Bartender Forever” T-Shirt lets them embrace the everlasting bartending spirit, with the dash of fire that comes with some of the cocktails they serve.

The oversized design, coupled with dropped shoulders, creates a laid-back yet elegant look. Its off-black/dark charcoal color also gives added effect to the fiery design. 

A versatile piece for any wardrobe, they can let the world know: they're a bartender, and it's a lifestyle that lasts forever!

15. Martini Trucker Hat

$30 at Broken Bartender

This trucker hat is a bold statement for martini enthusiasts who like it extra dirty! 

Designed for comfort and flair, this one-size-fits-all design with a snap backstrap ensures a perfect fit. It’s also designed for extra comfort, so that it doesn’t matter how sweaty those long shifts get, the bartender in your life will still maintain their composure. 

Let them express their love for martinis with this big, bold, and beautiful hat that's as tasteful as their favorite drink!

16. Old Fashioned Trucker Hat

$30 at Broken Bartender

Let your amigo rock the "Old Fashioned” trucker hat by Broken Bartender – an homage to the one of the classic cocktails.

This trucker hat, featuring a snap backstrap, 2 1/2" brim, and polyblend sweatband, is built for wearing all night long and has tailored stitching for an artistic touch. 

Cheers to timeless style and a good Old Fashioned cocktail!

17. Spank Me Pin

$12 at Broken Bartender

Looking for something flirty for your friend? If so, this "Spank Me” pin could be the perfect solution.

This 40mm black nickel-plated pin features playful artwork and is secured with two posts on the back. Crafted with care, Broken Bartender's pins are known for their sturdy frames and eye-catching designs

Order now and let this pin make a statement at the bar, but quick – it’s only here until stocks last!

18. Cocktail Shaker Pin

$12 at Broken Bartender

Looking for a great stocking stuffer?

Introducing the “Cocktail Shaker Pin – a must-have for mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts

This 31mm silver-plated enamel pin is a stylish nod to our love for well-made mixed drinks. With its original artwork and secure two-post backing, it's perfect for adding flair to your outfit or bag. 

Get it now and shake up your friend’s style! Don't miss the chance to bundle it with other favorites for a complete bar-inspired collection.

19. Fine strainer 

$6.99 at Amazon

The Zulay Stainless Steel Cocktail Strainer is a bar rockstar for just $6.99!

This sleek, cone-shaped wonder keeps pulp and herbs out of your drinks, making it perfect for tea, coffee, or mixing up classic cocktails

Ergonomically designed, easy to clean, and backed by the Zulay lifetime guarantee – it's a strainer with swagger and guaranteed to filter only the finest cocktail mix into their coupe glasses.

Get it now for your friend and help them add some flair to their bar!

20. Old-Fashioned Pin

$12 at Broken Bartender

The OId Fashioned is perhaps the most famous cocktail out there and this beautiful piece pays homage to it.

Made with silver-played enamel and adorned with original artwork, it shouts your love for finely crafted drinks. Two posts secure it, ensuring your style stays shaken, not stirred. 

Grab it now and join the pin party!

21. Cocktail jigger

$4.99 at Amazon

Speaking of the best gifts for home bartenders,  the A Bar Above Premium Japanese Jigger is the perfect solution that goes well with a decanter to make the perfect home cocktail set

Made from durable 304 stainless steel with eight measurements inside, ensuring accurate pours, it’s built to last a lifetime.  

Cheers to perfectly measured cocktails every time!

22. Margarita Pin

$12 at Broken Bartender

We’re sure the bartender in your life has made plenty of Margaritas, so why not give them this pin that comes complete with a mini cocktail recipe book for this tequila favorite?

Perfect for bar staff, customers, or anyone else who loves Margaritas, this 30mm silver-plated enamel pin looks great on any type of clothing or accessory.

Sign your friend up to the ever-growing community of Margarita lovers!

23. Espresso Martini Pin

$12 at Broken Bartender

Check out this “Espresso Martini” pin, crafted with meticulous attention to detail by Broken Bartenders!

Silver-plated and sleek, this 30mm design slots perfectly onto any bartender’s uniform, and it comes complete with a Martini recipe card as a finishing touch. 

Now, not only will they be serving up cocktails, but they’ll also be wearing the pin to prove their expertise!

24. Bar Spoon 

$4.99 at Amazon

Know a cocktail lover who’s expert at stirring as well as shaking?

This Hiware LZS13B 12 Inches Stainless Steel Mixing Spoon is a perfect gift for them, and is available for just $4.99. 

Crafted for versatility and professionalism, the 12-inch cocktail utensil swiftly blends drinks with simple stirs. It also ensures long-term use inside a mixing glass without bending or rusting, thanks to its stainless steel design

An affordable and essential addition to any bartending kit, this spoon brings the magic of expert cocktail-making to your fingertips!

What to gift your favorite bartender?

Bartenders can be tough people to buy for, especially when you want to buy a birthday present or holiday gift that’ll make them smile.

That’s why we make it our mission at Broken Bartenders to create uncommon goods for bar staff that catch the eye – even in a crowded bar. 

From unusual glassware to sweary t-shirts, our incredible range of best gifts for bartenders has something for every drink-slinger!

So, skip the ordinary and gift them the extraordinary – because why settle for a regular gift when you can raise the bar?

[Make your bar homie’s day with a gift from Broken Bartender’s  fantastic gift range – perfect for bartenders who want to shake up their style)

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